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Potentilla gracilas

Easy to re-establish.

Handsome ground-hugging foliage bursts into long-blooming summertime blossoms.

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"Barbara says . . ."

Barbara joined her local native plant society in order to learn more about the local flora.  Within four months she was "volunteered" to head the computer task force because she was the only "techie" in the group.

"I'm starting to see our natives in a different way now that I've begun cataloging them," says Barbara.  Thanks to The Compleat Botanica, cataloging her region's flora was a snap.

Did you know?

Q:  Is there a way to change the column order after I've created my filter?

A:  Yes.  When a filter is first created, the column order of the specimen list is dependant upon the order in which the items were added to the filter.  To change this order later on, you can simply click and drag the column header of the specimen list. The ordering of columns will be retained and restored the next time you use the filter.  See the full story.

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Software snapshots

There are 17 side-by-side data entry views making it easy to access and update your data.  Be sure to check out the Biodiversity View.

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The Compleat Botanica and plant societies
Develop regional flora to record exactly what can be found in the natural landscape -- from natives to exotics, from endemics to invasives.
Use the Gateway feature to research plant characteristics via the Web.
Use the Taxonomic Checklist to quickly see families, classes, and orders for each species.
Use all of the other features of The Compleat Botanica to develop and publish plant-related reports.


Features for the plant society


  Local customizations

  Professional report styling

  Family names

  All of the essential features of The Compleat Botanica

Data fields for the plant society

Just a few of the data fields useful to plant societies:

  Life form

  Life cycle


  Native status

  Exotic status

  Noxious weed

  Geographic origin

  Distribution range

  Alphabetical index of all 160 fields used by The Compleat Botanica



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Frequently asked questions

  I may have additional questions later. What's the best way to contact someone at Crescent Bloom?

A:  Crescent Bloom is a small Web-based company and does not have the staff to support a telephone-based technical support center.  We do answer all e-mail correspondence and are happy to receive your queries.  Please send an e-mail to Tech Support for questions about installing the software or to troubleshoot problems.  Questions about your order can be sent to Customer Support

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Tips . . .

  How to find answers using Pathfinder.

A:  You can use the Pathfinder facility to find answers to questions about the software. There are two basic approaches to using Pathfinder. If you simply want to browse through the available topics, use the tree-like table of contents in the left-hand window pane. Double-clicking any item with the green index symbol will display a list of related informational documents -- these are the items prefaced with the blue info symbol .

If you prefer to search for answers using the familiar search engine approach, you can type short phrases, questions, or keywords into the search box. Documents containing one or more of your keywords are listed in the results page inside the Pathfinder window.  see the full story.

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