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What can I do with the multiple selection feature? If you select more than one item in the specimen list, many things are disabled -- all of the data entry views are disabled, the gateway view is disabled, and the propagate button is disabled.

Nevertheless, several very important features are enabled which can help you to accomplish your work faster.

Delete Pressing the Delete button during a multiple selection will delete all of the selected items.
Copy Using the clipboard Copy command when you have multiple items selected will copy all of the selected items to the clipboard.  You can then use the Paste command to copy them to another database.
Abstracts The abstract view show the selected items.  By changing the multiple selection template (in the customization settings area), you can see the selected items in a miniature report-like format.  This is a quick way to produce simple report printouts.
Exporting When exporting data you can choose to export only the selected items.
Publish When publishing  you can choose to publish only the selected items.

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