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Not so obvious

   Data source
   Column ordering
   Multiple selection
   First column
   Specimen available
   Printer fonts
   Column widths
   Color groups
   Picture location
   Picture previewer
   Record limit
   Color checking

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I've noticed that some customizations apply to databases and others to the software in general. Most of the customizations apply to the software in general.  Such things as picture options, abstract options, and specimen list options are set once for the entire software.

There are a few exceptions to this rule.  For the most part these are cultural preferences.  They apply to the currently open database only.

The customizations that are database dependent are:

  • Temperature scale: Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Measurement system: U.S. Customary units or metric units
  • Color values:  RHS Colour Chart numbers or popular color names
  • Distribution range:  Country codes, provinces, territories, states or counties
  • Next specimen number: the next number to assign to a new specimen entry


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