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How do I see all plants with flowers of a particular color? Selecting plants by color is possible in two different ways.  You can chose specific colors or you can choose color groups.

Color groups allow you to easily choose a range of colors.  Each color is defined as belonging to a particular group.  When you choose to include plants belonging to that color group, your resulting filter will include all plants whose color matches any of the members of that group.

Choosing specific colors is also possible.  Just select which colors to include one by one.

All plants belonging to the blue group or the blue-green group will be included. ...............................................
All plants whose principal color is sapphire, blue, woad, teal, or royal-blue will be included.

Note: You can use the "<all possible values>" item located in either the left-hand color group list or the right-hand color list -- they both return identical results (that is, they both return all records in the collection with any color specified).


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