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The Adverse factors view is used by field guides, agricultural extensions and medicinal herbalists to record the dangerous properties of this plant.

  Item Notes
1 Common pests This is a list of fungi, insects and larger animals that commonly attack this plant.
2 Poisonous parts The parts of the plant that contain poisonous constituents.
3 Poisonous indications A description of the toxic elements found in the plant.
4 Internal poison Checked if this plant can cause illness or death when ingested.
5 Dermatologic poison Checked if this plant can cause skin rashes or if it can trigger phototoxic hyperactivity.
6 Livestock poison Checked if this plant should be kept out of pastures used by grazing farm animals.
7 Mechanical injury Checked if this plant contains sharp points that easily puncture the skin.
8 Hay fever pollen A indicator of the relative quantity of pollen produced and carried on the wind.
9 Hay fever season The typical time of year when this plant bears wind-borne pollen.
10 Adverse qualities An all purpose classifier to identify the undesirable qualities of this plant.

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