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The Herbal medicine view is used to record the traditional and folkloric medicinal properties of this species.

  Item Notes
1 Medicinal properties This is a list of the ways in which this plant has been used to treat illness and to promote health.
2 Medicinal parts The parts of the plant that are used when preparing infusions, tinctures, creams, herbal teas, and so forth.
3 Has medicinal uses An all purpose item used to indicate that this plant has some traditional healing properties.
4 Do not self administer Checked when this plant is considered dangerous enough that only qualified herbalists should consider using it.
5 Do not use if pregnant Checked when this plant has abortifacient properties or is otherwise potentially harmful to the developing fetus.
6 Legally restricted Checked when the use or possession of this plant is subject to legal restrictions in one or more countries.
7 Toxicity precautions A description of the possible toxic effect of the use of this plant.
8 Medicinal notes A word processing-like note used to describe the beneficial uses of this plant.

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