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The Special qualities view is used by nurseries and gardeners to classify the ornamental properties, best uses and desirable qualities of a species.

  Item Notes
1 Tolerates drought Checked when the plant can survive dry spells without damage.
2 Tolerates high humidity Checked when the plant can survive prolonged summer periods of very high humidity.
3 Tolerates seaside conditions Checked when the plant can live in the windy, salty, foggy conditions found along the coastal belts.
4 Insect resistant Checked if this variety is more notably insect resistant than its common form.
5 Disease resistant Checked if this variety is typically free of the diseases that trouble similar members of the genus.
6 Deer resistant Checked if this plant is not normally eaten by foraging deer.
7 Best uses A classification of where this plant is often used in the landscape trade.
8 Symbiosis Other life forms (plants, insects, and more) that live in a symbiotic relationship with this species.
9 Attracts butterflies Checked if this plant is often visited by butterflies for its nectar or as a host plant.
10 Attracts hummingbirds Checked if this plant has a rich supply of nectar available in red-colored, funnel-shaped flowers that are accessible by hummingbirds.
11 Autumn foliage Checked if this is a deciduous tree or shrub with notably colorful leaves in the fall.
12 Colorful berries Checked if this plant has ornamental berries in the autumn and winter.
13 Desirable qualities A classifier to identify the plant's most desirable quality.  The custom categories that you create for this item should reflect your personal/professional interest.
14 Other interest An all-purpose classifier.  Create your own categories to organize plants according to their special interest to you.
15 Other interest color An all purpose classifier for colors.  The semantics of this item are entirely up to you.
16 Other interest period An all purpose seasonal item (or date range item).  Use this item either independent of or in conjunction with the "Other interest" item.

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