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The Cultivation View is used by crop growers to record best practices for good yields.

  Item Notes
1 Propagule A list of the methods typically used to propagate this plant.
2 Pollination method For fruits and nuts, an indicator of whether or not cross-pollination is required to set fruit.
3 Planting style The usual way of arranging crops for easy planting, tending, and harvesting.
4 Crop spacing The typical distance between adjacent plants for optimal use of space without sacrificing sunshine and water needs.
5 Row spacing For orchards and crops arranged in rows, the distance between adjacent rows for optimal yields.
6 Cold frame The period of time that young seedlings should be kept in a cold frame before setting out in the spring.
7 Planting period The best period of time for planting taking into consideration a plant's tenderness to frost and its need for sunlight.
8 Harvesting period The usual time frame for expecting the harvest to be ready when the guidelines for "planting period" are followed.
9 Frost tolerance The relative tenderness or hardiness of a plant and its susceptibility to succumbing to frost.
10 Heat requirement The relative need for hot summer days in order to produce good-sized and flavorful produce.
11 Fertilizer The best type of fertilizer to apply for higher yields.
12 Time to harvest The number of days between planting and the first available harvest.

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