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The Gateway View provides an easy view port to World Wide Web pages of plant-related information.  These pages are supplied by respected providers such as governmental agencies, educational institutions and research facilities.

Customized HTML scripts are preprogrammed to retrieve and display this data using the botanical name or one of the common names supplied by The Compleat Botanica. This feature is available only when your computer is connected to the Internet.

This view works by merging the name of the currently selected specimen with one of the special templates that you select. Each template is programmed to provide an interface to the search facility of one Web site. What you see is a list of hyperlinks that connect your selected specimen to the data available at the destination site. Simply click the hyperlink to retrieve the document supplied by that Web site provider.


1 Select a specimen from the current list.
2 Choose a gateway portal template from the droplist.


3 The selected specimen's name is merged with the selected gateway portal's template to produce easy-to-use hyperlinks.  Simply click on a link to retrieve the provider's document for that data.


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