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Installation of SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine hangs-up when half way through

Symptoms Installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine begins as usual with the progress bar periodically showing changes.  About half way through the process, the progress bar stops changing and the disk drive becomes silent.  The dialog box remains stuck with the message:

Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine.  Time remaining:  59 seconds.

(The time remaining varies from computer to computer.)

Resolution The installation process cannot upgrade the Microsoft Distributed Access Components (MDAC) when any of the files are in use.  This includes the ODBC components and the OLE DB components.  Be sure that no background processes are using these files.

Usually, restarting your computer just prior to installation is an effective way to stop any background processes from using any of these components.  Additional diagnostic information is available from the log file located at:

C:\Program Files\Compleat Botanica\DesktopEngine\Setup\CBDesktopEngine.log

Versions affected
Operating system Problem first identified Problem fixed
Windows Me
(no longer supported)
Build 81 NA
Windows NT Build 81 NA
Windows 2000 Build 81 NA
Windows XP Build 81 NA

Last reviewed January 28, 2006