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Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Edition is vulnerable to the Slammer virus.


Microsoft has identified the potential for malicious code to attack computers running the version of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Edition used with The Compleat Botanica.

W32.Slammer is a memory resident worm that propagates via UDP Port 1434 and exploits a vulnerability in systems with MSDE 2000 that have not applied the patch released by Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-061.

The principal effect of this worm is to cause your network to slow down as it attempts to contact other sites in an effort to propagate itself. It does not appear to contain any additional payload.

Please contact your antivirus vendor for additional details on this worm.

Resolution Instructions for protecting your computer from the Slammer Virus can be found at: Microsoft Virus Alerts - Slammer
Versions affected
Operating system Problem first identified Problem fixed
Windows NT Build 85 Build 86
Windows 2000 Build 85 Build 86
Windows XP Build 85 Build 86

Last reviewed January 28, 2006