Bulletin 8
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   Installation hangs
   Dual-boot option
   Slammer virus
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   Desktop Engine versions
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   Long printer names
   Specimen reports
   Registry security


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After removing an older version of the software, a newer version can't be installed

Symptoms The Remove utility is used to completely uninstall an existing copy of the software. When it is finished, a newer version of the software is installed. During Step 1 (installation of The SQL Server Desktop Engine) the installation hangs up.
Resolution After uninstalling SQL Server Desktop Engine, the computer must be restarted to finalize the un-installation. Before attempting to reinstall the software, be sure to reboot your computer.
Versions affected
Operating system Problem first identified Problem fixed
Windows NT Build 85 NA
Windows 2000 Build 85 NA
Windows XP Build 85 NA

Last reviewed January 28, 2006